Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sadly, the Braves' season much like my posting has been a real disappointment

These were my words just a few short weeks ago. Before the Braves went on their current streak and made a liar out of me. And a liar I'll happily be, if it means I get to watch my team in the heat of a playoff battle.

All seemed lost when the Braves got embarrassed by the Reds, and fell to something like 8 games back. That was before we found the hot hand, and started getting some clutch hits to support our awesome pitching. Now they're just 2 games back with 6 to play. We're facing the Marlins for 2 more then the Nationals for 4, all at home. The Rockies have the Brewers at home for 3, then go to the division-leading Dodgers for 3 more.

I only wish I could make it to a few games this week. Every fan has an excuse, and those combined excuses manifest themselves in a sea of empty blue seats every night at the Ted. The team notices, as you've heard from Chipper's remarks the past few days. My excuse is I'm working day and night to rebuild by flooded first floor, but I'm going to do everything I can to make it out there. You do the same.

Go Bravos!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Man, what a failure

I'm sorry (to any reader still hanging on) that my last post was at some point in July, related to the Frenchy trade. Strangely enough, that's right about the time I started this new job. You do the math, and you'll know my excuse #1.

I'm embarrassed at my failure, but maybe in this "failure" I did exactly what I set out to do. My goal was to chronicle the Braves' season, and give you my insight on what going on. Sadly, the Braves' season much like my posting has been a real disappointment. We both had our high spots: the Braves sneaking up to 2.5 games out at some point in August, my freeze-frame photo of Beltran being clearly tagged out yet called safe on a stolen base attempt at 3rd. And of course we had our low points too: obviously the Braves getting swept by Cincy last week, and me failing to comment for 2 months!

It's sad that it's coming a close. Sad not only because I love the Braves, and I love baseball, but also because I enjoyed commenting on the game, even when sometimes it was a stretch to find anything noteworthy. But what's most sad is that I've let the "real world" get in the way of the things I really enjoy. Here's to hoping I can find some time for the fun. Keep your eyes peeled... you never know when I peck out another meaningless rant.