Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Francouer for Church

My reaction to the trade is... there must be more that we aren't hearing. This trade makes no sense for the Braves. We trade a guy that hits .245 with 7 HR for a guy that hits .280 with 2 homeruns, when what we need is a run producer. To me it's basically a wash (I don't think either team will be better or worse off), except:

RYAN CHURCH IS A LEFTY! So now our healthly line-up is McClouth (L), Escobar (R), Chipper (S), McCann (L), Anderson (L), Church (L), Kotchman (L), Johnson (L).

I assume that means nearly every position will be filled with platoons. Johnson/Conrad (Infante), Kotchman/Prado, Church/Diaz.

It was really odd to see Frenchy is a Mets uni last week, but it was cool that he came up big for them in his first game (2-4 with 2 RBI), even if the hits were pretty weak.

And I've got to talk about Brooks Conrad. He's been awesome. I saw him during Spring Training, and could see he was a talent. He will remind you of Marcus Giles. He's about 5'7" but thick! And he plays with the balls out mentality of a DeRosa, Diaz, or Giles. I hope they find a way to keep him up when Infante returns, at least until he cools off. He's been on fire.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

I'm alive

My last post was a few weeks ago. I was on vacation, then started a new job.

Unfortunately my time isn't as free as it was during the first half of the season. My 2 followers are greatly upset I'm sure.

The Braves have been pitching outstanding lately, but can't seem to hit the ball. 4 games back, though we made it to within 2.5 last week. Got to get more offensive performance, but we've been singing that song all year.

BTW, in a completely unrelated story, Andruw Jones hit 3 home runs last night. I've said this before, I really hope he has or does regain form.