Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bye Bye Vazquez... REALLY?

Not sure I like this deal, but only time will tell.

MLB.com is reporting that the Braves are near reaching a deal with the Yankees to trade Vazquez and Boon Logan, for Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn and a prospect.

After last year, I think we all hate to see Vazquez go, but he hasn't had a great history of back-to-back solid years. As he returns to the AL (where he's not had much success), we'll likely see a year that makes the Braves look good in the end.

Melky is serviceable, with "potential," but he hits about .275 without much power (13 HR). He played center for the Yanks last year, but will likely move to left for the Braves and prolong the delay of Jason Heyward's debut. Melky is a switch hitter that will likely fill the 2 or 8 hole in the lineup.

Boon Logan for Mike Dunn is likely a wash (LHP for LHP) and bullpen pitchers are always hit or miss.

It does free up some salary room, so maybe the Braves are able to sign a $10 million bat. But, it fills up the outfield, so it looks like we'll have to look for a right handed first baseman, those are NOT easy to find. I think Mark Bowman is probably right. Expect to hear a Xavier Nady signing in the coming weeks, and that will complete the team that the Braves take to Spring Training, lagging far behind the Phils.

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Todd De Jong said...

They had to do something since they couldn't convince anyone to take Lowe and pay him about 3x what his performance is worth. I feel good about Hudson, Hansen, and Jurrjens carrying the rotation in '10. Who knows, maybe Lowe can have a bounceback year.