Thursday, October 01, 2009

Oh, they're going to blow it

Seriously people? It will take only 1 more Rockies win, or 1 Braves loss for the post-season dream to officially die, but for many it was dead before it started. And to those people I ask, "Doesn't life suck drinking from a half-empty glass?"

Is it so important that you're right in guessing that "your team" will fall short that you predict disappointment rather than victory? If that's you... YOU'RE REALLY MISSING THE BUS, YOU HALF-HEARTED SPORTS FAN!

Sports are not all about wins and losses, championships or disappointments. (Cliche for a habitual loser) But seriously, the best aspect of all sports is the excitement of the chase, the possibility of pulling it off. And if you were the guy that as your team was getting closer and closer, winning every game, you still said, "Oh, they're going to blow it," you're the one that's really blowing it. You're the one missing out of be best part of being a sports fan.

You're the guy that didn't think the Braves were going to win last night. And now you're celebrating a baserunning blunder that allowed you to correctly predict defeat. You, my friend, are no fan.